The relationship between a landlord and tenant can be tenuous if there is no mutual respect. Here are a few suggestions to help tenants build a strong relationship with their landlords.

Discuss Priorities

Landlord Steven Taylor can attest that not every landlord-tenant relationship is easy. Before signing a lease, be certain that you discuss your mutual priorities. If you need to pay rent in the middle of the month, for example, then that needs to be addressed long before signing on the dotted line. The relationship does have two sides, so be sure to listen to your landlord’s needs too. After all, it is still their property.

Set Boundaries

Be certain to discuss rules and boundaries with your landlord. With today’s technological advances, you could literally be in communication with your landlord at all hours of the day or night. Your landlord may not appreciate the late-night texts if it could wait until morning. For example, you could ask your landlord if they have a specific plumber for you to call with an emergency instead of them.

Communicate Politely

No matter the situation or problem at your rental, communicate politely with your landlord. After all, you are in a business relationship with them. If need be, treat a landlord like your boss. You signed their lease, and now they need to be treated as such.

Do Not Sneak

Just because you mail the rent check and your landlord is more of an invisible presence, it does not mean that sneaking around is ever allowed. Do not house a pet if pets are not allowed. Building a relationship based on trust with your landlord is the most important part of your relationship.

A respectful relationship with your landlord will make renting much more enjoyable. Remember to build trust with your landlord, and always communicate openly and politely.