A security fence is very different from a regular fence. While a privacy fence can offer some security, security isn’t its primary purpose. To build a security fence, you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals for the job. Let’s check out a few different types of security fences to decide which one’s right for you.

The Guide

  1. Chain Link fencing – Regular chain link fencing that’s seen around commercial properties and some residential backyards isn’t a security fence at all. A heavy-duty wire cutter is all you need to cut down a chain link fence quickly and quietly. You can also do it efficiently without alerting anyone nearby. However, there are different ways you can upgrade the security of chain link fences and make them impenetrable or very difficult to breach.

One of the easiest methods of improving the security of chain link fences is to add a sharp razor coil or barbed wire on the top of your fence. On the lower edge of the fence, you can add a bottom rail to make it firmer and more rigid. You can also add grade beams under the ground to reinforce your chain link fence. This way, even if the intruder tries to cut the chain link fence, they are going to have a very hard time and would alert a lot of people in the vicinity.

Another way of increasing the security of chain link fences is to use a heavier gauge wire. While regular chain link fences are built with 9-gauge wire, you can make something out of a 4-gauge wire. Moreover, you can also reduce the gap or the mesh aperture of the fence. That means more links need to be cut down with much more capable tools. While this is an effective way to beef up security, it will also increase the cost of the fence sharply.

Apart from the materials and design changes, you can also increase the security of the fence by opting for a different installation method. Instead of aluminum, use fittings made of high-strength steel that can be welded in place. Similarly, wires and bolts can be welded in place to increase the difficulty of tampering with the fence.

  1. High-security ornamental fence – When you think of ornamental fencing, you probably think of white picket fences, trellis fences, or those short fences around public parks and swimming pools. All of them are ornamental fences and justify their name by not providing any security. On the other hand, high-security ornamental fences are completely different and made with much more durable and thicker materials.

While they are meant to increase curb appeal and look good in general, they are also designed to provide a lot of security to your property. First of all, high-security ornamental fences are built tall, sometimes taller than privacy fences. They also have several more components for reinforcing the panels. You may find infills placed tighter than residential fences or spikes on the top of the fence.

Apart from that, high-security ornamental fences may also have posts that have a shorter gap in between them. This allows the fence to withstand a lot more weight and impact. High-security ornamental fences may also have other smart hidden security features integrated into the fence. This kind of fencing is probably going to cost you the most out of all these options. However, they are the best option if you want a security fence while preserving the gorgeous look of your home. 

  1. Palisade fencing – Palisade fencing is an uncommon sight in Northern America. However, they are extensively used around the world and for the right reasons. Palisade fencing consists of heavy-duty posts. These posts are usually made from steel with metal infills for added strength.

In general, palisade fencing has panels with infills bolted in place. However, to increase its security, you can have welded panels installed for your fence. Since these panels aren’t attached by fittings, breaking through them is very difficult. However, sometimes you may not even have the option for welded palisade fencing. Unlike bolted panels, they can’t follow ground contours. However, they still provide high levels of security.

To further increase the security of palisade fencing, you can top them off with barbed wire or razor coils. For impact resistance, you can add underground reinforcement with concrete beams that dig deep. It also prevents intruders from crossing the perimeter by digging their way through. 

  1. Welded mesh fence – When it comes to welded mesh fencing, there are several options on the market. However, there are very few that offer high security. High security, welded mesh fences are made from thick gauge wire, heavy-duty posts, and a small mesh aperture. Unlike chain link fences, welded mesh fences are already rigid and don’t require additional structures like horizontal rails for support.

Due to the lack of horizontal bars, these types of fences are much more difficult to climb. Moreover, due to the small mesh aperture that’s usually less than half an inch, getting a grip for climbing or inserting a tool for cutting is also quite challenging. However, the advantages of the welded mesh in security can become its bane during the installation. Since the structure is already rigid, installation is more difficult and that translates to an increased cost. The costs can balloon very quickly if you have a sloped or contoured yard.

You can also add monitored electronic systems to the fence to make it more secure. That means adding sensors and making the fence electric when motion or tampering attempts are detected. This kind of mesh can also add a security alert system where it notifies you about intruders.


Security fences are common in prisons, military installations, and heavy industries. However, in recent years there has been a spike in demand for security fences in regular neighborhoods in the city. It’s especially important if you run a business in a certain part of the town. To get one built for you, you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals for the job.