Accidents do happen around the home, and for younger people, they usually aren’t serious. Unfortunately, as people get older, a fall or trip can lead to broken bones or even be fatal, so it’s important to avoid accidents whenever possible. Here’s how you can protect elderly loved ones from common hazards.

Make stairs safer

One of the most dangerous parts of the house for older people is the staircase. This is because one wrong step or a dizzy spell could mean a dangerous fall. That’s why it’s worth visit a stairlift supplier Stow-On-Wold to take a look at different models. Stairlifts have special features such as safety belts, which help keep your loved one secure as they go up and down the stairs.

Focus on danger areas

There are certain areas where trips and falls are more common:

  • Bathrooms – wet floors, or needing to climb in and out of a bathtub can pose a danger
  • Kitchens – kitchens can also have wet floors, and leaks or spills can be dangerous for people who are already unsteady
  • Carpeted areas – you may think carpet is safe, but any creases or tears can be tripping hazards. Rugs can be dangerous too

Once you spot the danger areas, you can put measures in place to prevent a problem. For example, fitting rails and anti-slip mats to a bathroom is an excellent way to help prevent a fall.

You can completely stop accidents around the home, but many of them are preventable, so having safety measures in place is essential.