The streets and roads within the community may be seen as crowded with cars and vehicles if the parking areas are not spacious enough. It not only creates trouble for its residents but also is dangerous because the accident may be on the rise. If you are unable to manage it with the help of HOA board members, you should hire one of the flagstaff hoa management companies because they can handle such complex issues and take the right steps at the right time. It is important to understand the authority that HOA members have to resolve the parking problems in the community.

Know whether the roads within the community are public

You should be aware of the fact that some roads could belong to the government while others can be private on which the HOA will have complete authority. The public roads belong to the city or country and the HOA does not have any say on these roads. In such a scenario, the HOA needs to get in touch with the city services for illegal parking of the vehicles on homeowners’ driveways or parking areas.

Go through the governing documents

If you have found out whether roads are private or public, you need to check the governing documents whether the association has authority over the parking areas in the community. It is not a good idea to break the laws and rules when it comes to parking areas. It may lead to certain fines and penalties. Therefore, you should know about these rules and follow them religiously.

Implement a parking policy within the community 

It is suggested to formulate the parking policy within the community, which everyone should follow. It will help residents become aware of their rights of using parking areas. For instance, you can place a sign board stating that parking is not allowed or the timing of parking the vehicles. If you have created these policies, the residents will be able to get the right information and avoid confusion.

Hiring an HOA management company

In case, you find it hard to create and implement any rule within the community, it is always a good idea to hire a good HOA management company. This is because, they have the knowledge about the policies and rules in a better manner. They can work with board members to work on them properly.

By assigning the appropriate parking areas, you can help residents in a big way.