If you want to buy, sell, lease, or renew lease for commercial purpose, then choosing a correct real estate brokerage is very important decision to make. Making incorrect decision only places your property at risk but also may lead to financial crisis. So, you need to pick a professional brokerage that has good experience in handling many properties in the real estate business.

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Picking right brokerage is really very difficult these days. You need to believe on works not on words when dealing with a real estate brokerage. The following are few tips that help you in choosing a reliable real estate brokerage.

Questions to ask an agent or broker

  • Know from how long the agent is in real estate business that is leasing and selling commercial properties.
  • Make sure whether they have experience in selling similar type of properties.
  • Ask about their specialized areas.
  • Ask for transactions till now and ask the agent for last 2 or 3 years transactions and locations list.
  • Know about the nature of the brokerage company.

Marketing the property

  • Know how much time does it takes to lease or sell the property
  • Make sure how many similar size properties were sold in last 1 to 2 years and the price offered for the property.
  • Ask about the approximate value of your property in the present market
  • Know about the buyers who purchased those properties and get references if possible
  • Make sure how they will promote your property and who will be the potential targets

In addition to these questions, it’s good to know about the backup plan of the company in case the plan will not work. Get few references of prior clients who sold their properties with the brokerage firm. Call them or meet personally to know how their experience with the brokerage company was.

If the company is able to answer almost all the questions, then it will be one of the best choices. Choose the trustworthy brokerage company that provides best services and contact immediately to lease or sell your property.