Amid the glossy magazine pages, listing pictures, and binge-watched residential real estate shows, determining what defines luxury real estate can be elusive. Experts cite several criteria, but the price is the most recognizable marker.

It is the determining factor for Redfin, which says luxury homes for sale St. Louis are at least twice the average sales price of a region. That threshold differs by the marketplace, however.


Indulge in luxury with an exclusive lifestyle. Fashion brands have extended their brand identity and aesthetic to real estate development, offering a new residential experience for the discerning buyer. From curated designer interiors to exclusive access to fashion events, these fashion-branded residences provide a new definition of luxury.

To understand the phenomenon of accessible luxury, we conducted a qualitative study with 15 participants who lived in upscale communities in St. Louis. Our interview questions prompted participants to describe their actual experiences, their temporal feelings, and the self-related meaning they associated with the experience.

Whether you are looking for luxury homes for sale St. Louis with ten-foot ceilings, expansive windows that offer optimum natural light, or a custom kitchen, our Finest Homes of St. Louis Luxury Property Specialists have the resources to connect you with a luxurious property just right for you. Our expertise and global connections ensure you are associated with the world’s finest luxury properties according to your unique preferences and lifestyle.


Luxury homes for sale St. Louis have ventured into real estate development, offering opulent properties that redefine luxury and sophistication. These branded residences provide unparalleled design and exclusive access to events and experiences, from luxurious penthouses to private villas.

According to dissonance theory, mass consumption can lead to feelings of discomfort because it often promotes conspicuous consumption and undermines the notion that one’s personal choices should be respected by others (Borges, 2014). This explains why many luxury consumers are now adopting responsible modes of consumption by engaging in pro-environmental behavior, recycling, and anti-consumption movements.

Awaken to a new lifestyle in this magnificent estate, genuinely “Luxury Meant to be Lived In.” Situated on a sprawling 20+ acre property, this unique community features stables and a sports field, as well as a Ferris wheel, an event or sports venue, raised garden beds, an epicurean kitchen, and a resort-worthy pool complete with racing slides, a waterfall-covered grotto, a swim-up bar, and more.


The luxury fashion industry has seamlessly shifted its expertise into real estate development. From curated designer interiors to exclusive access to fashion events, fashion-branded residences offer an immersive lifestyle that embodies luxury and sophistication.

The study employed a qualitative research design and recruited participants through email correspondence with pre-instructions and consent forms. Interview questions were intentionally set around experiences that captured “accessible luxury” and prompted participants to reflect on how these experiences impacted their self-related meanings (Grunert & Grunert, 1995).

The results reveal that interviewees attach a personal connotation to mass luxury by linking the consumption experience with their values and beliefs. This indicates marketers must develop conscious and mindful marketing strategies to mitigate psychological dissonance.