You are looking for suitable property management for ownership, rental apartments, or commercial real estate? Then you should familiarize yourself with the various aspects of real estate management and clarify basic questions such as: What is rental management? Is property management a business? How much does property management cost per month? Which tasks can be transferred to a property manager? Get deeper insights into the field of building management with our article. We provide you with valuable information to help you find the right property manager for a long-term and trusting cooperation.

What Areas Does Property Management Cover?

Property management such as Keyrenter Houston Local Property Management Company can include various areas and extend to the management of the homeowner’s association rental management or commercial property management. These segments are sometimes difficult to distinguish for the layperson, or the individual terms are not immediately apparent. In the following sections, you will learn more about what is meant by the sub-areas.

What Is Property Management?

In property management, real estate is managed that consists of community property. The WEG stands for residential property management. It is initiated by an owner or a community of owners.

It is possible to appoint a co-owner as a property manager, but in many cases, a professional service provider is commissioned to do this. The owners make management decisions by majority vote.

Property management is often determined for 5 years. In doing so, the administrator bears liability for damage to property and trust (false statements or deliberate misinformation) occurring during this time.

The administrative advisory board supports the work of the administration. This comprises apartment owners who support the property manager in his tasks. However, convening an Administrative Advisory Board is not legally binding.

An administration does not have to prove any special professional qualifications; for this reason, clients should pay attention to suitable training and references when selecting property management.

What Is Rental Management?

The rental management is entrusted with activities relating to the letting, implementation, and handling of tenancies by the owner (natural person, several persons, or legal persons are possible here) of a property.

Property management tasks: Rental management can include several residential units, entire apartment buildings, and single-family homes. The fields of activity are specified in a management contract. In addition to financial support, this can also include monitoring payment obligations, accounting, operating cost accounting, structural and technical support, allocation of maintenance and repair work, and much more.