If you are looking 20 to 30 years ahead and are planning for the future, then there are many different investments you can add to your financial portfolio to generate a nest egg for when retirement age comes around. You have likely talked to many financial advisers, as well as friends and colleagues, about what they are doing to provide financial security for both themselves and their family members. You will hear the usual suggestions about investing in the stock exchange, buying into the various savings plans and maybe even investing in crypto.

While all investments have risk, real estate should form a portion of your financial portfolio, as this is a sound investment that you can pretty much be assured will perform well. When it comes to beginner real estate investing, it’s probably best to talk to a professional who knows the real estate markets. Once you start to learn about the property market, then you can start to plan your real estate investment.

  • It provides cash flow – Once you get yourself onto the property ladder, renting out the property generates money for you immediately. You are now the landlord and so you can set the rent for your property, which should be a reflection of the location and amenities; Even with a property management company taking care of everything, there is profit to be made from rental property. A monthly income is the goal of many private investors.
  • Excellent return on investment – If the property market continues on its current trajectory, then you can expect to cash in significantly in 20 to 30 years from now. People who took the time to buy property in Australia made a significant amount of money because they purchased it years ago and now it has significantly grown in value by a few times or more.
  • It provides long-term security – If you invest in property, then it’s best that you are in it for the long term. If property prices continue as they are now, then you can expect it to appreciate over time and so it will be earning you a monthly income that will be a considerable nest egg at the end of it all.

Hopefully, you will consider property as part of your property portfolio and then you can watch it grow over the coming years.